Pokémon Go: tricks to save battery

Pokémon Go is now entered full of the most downloaded games of summer 2016. But there is an obstacle that makes life difficult Player: battery life. The object of desire of those who play Pokemon Go cheats free pokecoins are the tricks to save battery . 


Pokémon Go is a very innovative game. At a time when it installs, we are required to access to the camera, the GPS, and contacts of your smartphone. The reason the first two it turns out very soon. The game is in fact a discovery of high technology and innovation.In the game they combine the real and virtual worlds through augmented reality.


The player is in fact immersed in an imaginary world, depicted in the image and likeness of the real one. We can walk the same streets that exist in the real world to find the Pokémon. This marriage of technology used simultaneously from the place from smartphone to a high consumption of battery. E 'for this reason that many try tricks to save battery in Pokémon Go.



During phases of the game, it is normal that the smartphone from draining quickly. The screen is of course always on because we have to see where to go as we seek Pokémon.The GPS is also in this case turned on because we must be localized at a specific point.Only in this way can we find the Pokémon around us. It should however be said for the record that there are tricks to GPS Go Pokémon that make use of GPS Spoofing to locate the user in different places without having to travel. However the use of these tricks is strongly discouraged because it rightfully is easy to be banned from the system.

While the screen and GPS are at full capacity, in order to play Pokemon Go cheats free pokecoins you also need to use a data connection. A Less than not live in a big city like Rome or Milan, it is likely that we will not have a Wi-Fi network constantly outdoors. Therefore we have to use our reference operator data connection. This work involves a full Also antenna system. The data pass continually as we move because we have to update our position on the game servers. All this technology that works at full capacity leads to a fast battery dischargeand therefore there is the need to have some tricks to save the smartphone battery while we play with clash royale hack .


One of the best ways to do this is undoubtedly the use of energy-saving mode. If we have a phone Android the last generation, we will probably have this feature in the main menu.It will be sufficient therefore set the power saving mode to compensate for the lack of tricks to save smartphone battery. Unfortunately you can not use the advanced power saving mode because it does not allow the use of all you need to play, making Go Pokémon not playable. get free instagram followers online


There are tricks to save smartphone battery because everything makes super mario run cheats use is necessary. We can not therefore intervene forcefully on your smartphone to lock resources used by the game. Otherwise we can not play in the best way. Therefore the tricks to save smartphone battery are simply the use of energy-saving mode and the use of an external battery connected to the smartphone, especially during hunting stages.

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